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weedfairy's Journal

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Created on 2017-01-03 00:15:29 (#2708177), last updated 2017-01-03 (37 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Aug 8
Location:Florida, United States of America
Website:smack in the afterlife
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311, 4:20, 56 hope road, aimlessly wandering, airplanes, altitude, ambigrams, anal sex, ancient civilizations, appreciating art, astrology, astronomy, being attracted to everyone, biting, black and white photography, blank paper, bob marley, bondage, bongs, books, breakdancing, bright colors, bruce brown, bruises, burt's bees lip balm, cardboard boxes, compassion, consciousness, creampie, crystals, dank, david gilmour, earth horse, ecstasy, empathy, erotica, expatriation, experimenting with abstinence, exploring monogamy, face-sitting, facials, free-thinkers, frotteurism, gemini rising, getting high, giving people the finger, going barefoot, gsp, hand gestures, hardcore flirting, hating money, having a good time, having republican parents, helping, holistic healing, hot geeks, hst, ice, indecision, intellectual foreplay, jack johnson, jimi hendrix, kirlian photography, kissing, kundalini yoga, leo, libra moon, licking, lightning, liquid hand soap, love, making out, making things right, mandalas, massages, meditation, men, messy sex, mushrooms, my home state, nipple bars, no panties, old monster movies, omnipotence, optimism, paddles, painting walls, pansexuality, peace, personal freedom, protoscience, psychedelia, putting things off, reality, relaxation, researching, road trips, rolling, rooms without right angles, rpgs, sex, shwag, sky-watching, sleeve tattoos, space travel, spanking, spirituality, spitfires, stretching, sucking cock, symphony bars, synergistic relationships, the 80s, the beach, the beatles, the human body, the jack of hearts, the nail-growth process, the phantom tollbooth, the smell of libraries, things made of wood, thought, thunderstorms, toast-fucking, tobago, tool, traveling, truth, venus razors, watching people think, webcams, weed, working with the public, you are god, zen
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